INTRODUCTION: Reaching Partners in Learning

As part of the Scottish Executives National Debate into the future of Scotland’s Education, Children in Scotland in partnership with a number of organisations including the Scottish Consumer Council, Scottish Support for Learning Association, University of Edinburgh and Save the Children, consulted widely with children, young people, parents, teachers, learning support workers, classroom assistants, health, social work and other professionals.

Children in Scotland's overall response is available for download in PDF format here.

The response from Children in Scotland and Scottish Support for Learning: Reaching Partners in Learning is now available to download here (PDF) . Responses from the other events will be posted on the website soon.

The response from Chidren in Scotland and Save the Children: Reaching Young People is also available to download in PDF format here. As this is a large file (966k), a smaller version without graphics (566k) is also available.

Parents' views of and involvement with the Scottish Education System
A research report contributing to the National Education Debate, commissioned by the Scottish Parenting Forum and the Scottish Consumer Council. Funding provided by the Scottish Executive.
This study examines target groups of parents' views of education in Scotland. It focuses on those parents who have experienced some disadvantage or discrimination, and its aim was to identify parents' views of the current education system, with particular emphasis on how parents interact with the system and how this might be improved. Is avilable in PDF format here.

Details of Children in Scotland's responses to all consultations can be found in our Policy Pages.