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Manifesto for 2011

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Investing in the Wealth of Our Nation through – Smarter Services and Better Childhoods


Children in Scotland’s Manifesto

for the 2011 Scottish Parliament Election


The 2011 election will be dominated by how we deal with the challenge of unprecedented pressures on finance, resources and services.

Decisions we make now will affect us all – especially the 1.1 million Scots who are under 18. They can’t vote, but they will live with the legacy of what we do now for years to come.


Make children and young people a priority

Children in Scotland is calling on all political parties, candidates and voters to invest for the future in the wealth of our nation, and for all parties and candidates to commit to ten election pledges which will improve the lives of children, young people and their families in Scotland.


Additional information

During the preparation of the Manifesto, a number of supporting documents were referred to.

These are available below, to provide useful background information on many of the key issues within the Manifesto.


Children’s rights – looking ahead with 2020 vision

Key points from the conference, Edinburgh, 23 February 2010


Playing Outside: Play, nature and services for young children

Key points from the Children in Europe conference with Children in Scotland and Fife Council, Markinch, Fife, 16 September 2010


Life in the fast lane: the road to better outcomes for children and young people

Key points from the Children in Scotland Annual Conference, South Lanarkshire, November 2009


A Sense of Place: environments, community and services for young children

Key points from the Children in Europe conference with Children in Scotland and  Highland Council, Inverness, 8 June 2010


Working Together: the importance of positive relationships between schools & out of school care

Key points from the Scottish Out of School Care Network (SOSCN) 2009 Annual Conference, Glasgow, 12 June 2009


Making Space 2010: architecture and design for children and young people
Key points from the conference, Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
7–8 October 2010


Background to the Ten Election Pledges

Find below a comprehensive set of documents and information which provide further background for our aspirational election commitments.

1.Combine resources creatively by promoting integrated services and an integrated workforce

Working for Inclusion: the role of the early years workforce in addressing poverty and promoting social inclusion

Working it out - Scotland's children's sector workforce

2.Strengthen the Early Years Framework by making its implementation a statutory responsibility, funded through the Scottish Parliament’s current tax powers

Right from the start: Implementing the Early Years Framework (Members only Policy Briefing 2009)

3.Ensure universal availability of good quality, integrated, accessible childcare and early learning opportunities that are
truly affordable

Working for Inclusion

21st Century Welfare Consultation Response (2010)

4.Ensure income comes back to Scotland from savings in UK budgets achieved through lower take-up of tax credits and
benefits in Scotland as a result of increased or better services

Response to the Calman Commission (2008)

Children in Scotland 2010 General Election Briefng on Party Manifestos (Members only)

5.Maintain long-term cross-party policies that need sustained effort and stable funding

Right from the start: Implementing the Early Years Framework (Members only Policy Briefing 2009)

Stage 3 Policy Briefing on Additional Support for Learning Bill 2009 (members only)

6 Continue frontline services that accomplish their goals efficiently

Parent Education Syllabus for Scotland Consultation (2010)

7. Support innovative projects that accomplish work with children and families, and can be adapted and adopted widely

Making the Gender Equality Duty Real for Children, Young People & their Fathers

Breaking Down Sterotypes and engaging fathers in services for children and families (Report from practice sharing events 2010)

8. Invest in preventing problems, not fixing them later

Evidence to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee Preventative Spending Inquiry (2010)

10 Facts about Foetal Alcohol Harm (2010)

9 Consult meaningfully with service users to set realistic expectations of what smarter services can and should deliver

Access all Areas

10 Research actual outcomes from public spending on children and young people

Briefing for members of the Scottish Parliament Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee on Stage 2 amendments to the Children's Hearings (Scotland) Bill (October 2010)





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Contact details
for this section:

Jonathan Sher
Director of Policy

0131 222 2418

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