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   January 1970

Righteous but wrong    June 2008

Outrage would be an appropriate response if I suggested the age of consent should be lowered to 13 – but I didn't, explains Kathleen Marshall

The great outdoors    March 2005

Health and safety fears aren't a barrier to encouraging young children to make the most of the outdoors at nature schools in Scandanavia. Nicola Pay reports on a similiar approach in Scotland.

Making space for the very young    March 2005

The need to create safe space for children is a public issue and as such both national governments and the European Union have roles to play in setting standards and developing research. Bronwen Cohen, guest editor of Children in Europe, reports on a survey of European standards.

Power to the parents    March 2005

Jennifer Wallace presents the thinking behind the Scottish Consumer Council's call for a new organisation to represent parents' views about the education of their children.

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