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Celebrating the 600th member of Children in Scotland ...

Today we are delighted to announce our 600th member – LGBT Youth Scotland.

The milestone follows a rise in our membership of almost 20% during the past year, meaning we are able to work with an increasingly wide range of children’s sector organisations across Scotland. 

While we are confident LGBT Youth Scotland will benefit from membership, we are also excited about some related pieces of partnership work planned for later in 2017.

These include the delivery of a LGBT+ conference, and we will also be undertaking the LGBT Charter of Rights accreditation to support us in mainstreaming LGBT equality into our services. 

Cara Spence, Senior Programmes and Influencing Manager at LGBT Youth Scotland, said:

“We are delighted to be joining Children in Scotland as a member to strengthen and formalise our existing relationship.

“Being part of such a vast and connected network working with children and young people across Scotland will help to us reach new audiences and professionals who are passionate about supporting and including LGBTI young people in their services.

“We look forward to working with Children in Scotland, supporting them with their LGBT Charter of Rights and delivering an exciting conference.”

Simon Massey, Head of Development at Children in Scotland, said:

“This is excellent news. On both personal and professional levels, I have had some great experiences working with LGBT Youth Scotland recently and am looking forward to ongoing collaboration.

“This will help ensure that awareness of LGBT+ issues continue to be embedded in the services the children’s sector offers across Scotland while also improving our own work through the LGBT Charter of Rights accreditation.” 

Find out more about becoming a member of Children in Scotland here.