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Entitlement to high quality childcare 'should continue during school holidays'

The affordability of high quality childcare during school holidays continues to be a pressing problem for families across Scotland.
In an article in The Herald newspaper highlighting the issue today, Simon Massey, Head of Development at Children in Scotland, said: 
"We know that summer can be a difficult time for many families. The long summer holiday means that many parents are faced with having to find childcare for one or multiple children over an extended period. Using summer clubs and activity camps, while no doubt valuable for personal and social development, can be prohibitively expensive.
"Aside from the additional cost incurred to parents during the school holidays, we also know that many disadvantaged families can face other issues as a consequence of the lack of council provision, including 'holiday hunger' when free school meals are paused for the summer break. The Food, Families, Futures partnership will be working with schools across Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire during the summer holidays to provide healthy meals and fun activities for children and families. 
"We are aware that there are thousands of families across the country who are looking for similar provision - good quality care, in an accessible setting, at little or no extra cost - but are unable to access it. 
"The Scottish Government's continued expansion of early learning and childcare is welcome, and we recognise that this will be their priority for the next 3 years. But for working parents, childcare doesn't stop being required in the middle of the year, so there is no reason that provision and entitlement should."
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