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Publishing services

Children in Scotland produces a wide range of publications and resources for the children’s sector in Scotland, including titles that make information accessible for children, young people and their families.

Does your organisation have something to publish but lacks the people to do it?

We can provide expertise in the following areas:
Writing and editing for a professional audience, including research reports and policy documents, and writing for children and young people

  • Copy-editing
  • Proofreading
  • Design and typesetting
  • Print buying
  • Accessible information for children and young people  

Children in Scotland produces easy-read, accessible information for children and young people.

We can create documents or edit existing documents to:

  • Identify and draw out the information that is important and relevant for children and young people’s lives
  • Ensure the information is presented in an accessible, child-friendly way
  • Consult with children and young people to ensure their views inform the finished document.

Why produce accessible information for children and young people?

There a many laws, policies and services that are specifically designed to enhance the lives of children and young people in Scotland. There are many more that are designed to enhance citizens lives more generally, and which have a direct impact on children. Children are citizens too.

Too often information is presented in long, weighty documents that children and young people will not read. By simplifying the information or creatively reworking the content to appeal to children and young people’s sensibilities, we can help empower children to know their rights and make the most of the services available to them.

Making sure that your information is accessible for children and young people will have added value by ensuring it is also accessible for other groups, such as those with learning disabilities.

Previous projects

The Children and Young People Bill. People told us what they thought: we listened… These are our latest plans
An easy-read summary of the Analysis of The Scottish Government Response To ‘A Scotland for Children: A Consultation on a Children and Young People Bill’ 

The Children and Young People Bill. We asked people what they thought: this is what they said…
An easy-read summary of the Analysis of Responses to the Children and Young People Bill Consultation) 

A new tribunal system for Scotland: an easy-read guide
An easy-read guide, accessible for people with additional support needs, to accompany the Scottish Government’s Proposals for a New Tribunal System for Scotland. 

Need extra help at school?
A guide for children and young people about getting extra help at school.

We produce high-quality work within short deadlines.

We are happy to look at a document and provide an estimate of our writing, editing and design costs.

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