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Equal Partners

Children in Scotland worked with ACOSVO and Voluntary Health Scotland on a project entitled Equal Partners. The work built on our considerable experience across leadership, children and families, and health, learning from different approaches, skills and organisational vision.

The project was launched in 2012 with an event designed to connect leaders, which connected leaders across the third and public sectors, facilitated dialogue and built a mutual understanding and aim of improving leadership for transformational change. A second piece of work, research on partnership working across our various sectors, followed.  
A common strand across our collective organisations is a commitment to tackling inequalities and transforming public services through an assets based approach. Working collaboratively, we identified and delivered a programme of work which informs and supports this commitment. 
We jointly hosted a roundtable on the theme of 'progressive universalism', led by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation who outlined how a progressive approach to universal services could help tackle some of the deepest inequalities within our society, alongside the public sector reform agenda. The focus was on the small change we can all make, led by the leaders around the table, as well as how we can influence the large scale change needed to really make a difference.  
At the Third Sector Gathering, we hosted an active session introducing the Optimists Network which demonstrated the positive outcomes that can happen when civil servants, public sector and third sector partners work together on an equal footing to tackle real assets based challenges facing Scotland today. 
Finally, at the summit, we gathered together leaders from across third and public sectors to hear from those who are putting an assets based approach into action to deliver real change, focusing on how this could be taken forward within our own organisations.

On 29 April 2015 we hosted the third Equal Partners event of 2015 'Working Towards a Collaborative Culture', which was co-produced by Children in Scotland, The Scottish Government Third Sector Unit, ACOSVO and Voluntary Health Scotland. We discussed the themes of Asset-based approaches, collaborative cultures and workforce empowerment. The event was attended by 60 delegates from  across the third and public sector and the round table seating and structured discussion allowed a cross sector perspective on the themes.
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For more information on Equal Partners, contact Jacqueline Cassidy,, 0131 313 8821.