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Making the Gender Equality Real for Children, Fathers and Families

‘Making the Gender Equality Real for Children, Fathers and Families' continues our work on gender equality and fathers. The project has been funded by the Scottish Government’s Equality Unit until 2015.

This project aims to give parents and carers of disabled children in Scotland the opportunity to inform the development of relevant legislation and policy and to drive the continuous improvement of services at both national and local level. The project initially carried out a number of surveys and focus groups with parents across Scotland and identified and initiated opportunities for more broadly based parent participation. The perspectives of parents were reflected in briefing materials, consultation responses and other relevant documents, including a guide to parent participation. The project's current focus is the development of Parent Forums that contribute effectively to community planning structures and facilitate co-production of services.

The ‘Making the Gender Equality Real for Children, Families and Fathers’ project promotes the value and importance of involving fathers positively in their children's lives and encourages shared and equal parenting. It is well established that fathers are profoundly important to the development, wellbeing and life chances of their children. This project seeks to move the gender equality agenda forward by encouraging all professionals and organisations providing services for children, parents and families to engage actively with men as parents and carers, and to support the positive engagement of fathers as well as mothers in their children’s lives. Funded by the Scottish Government’s Equalities Unit, current key activities  include the effective involvement of fathers in children’s early lives and supporting the development of Scotland’s 2016 Year of the Dad, in collaboration with Fathers Network Scotland.

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