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Our Consultation Work with Children and Young People

We work to ensure participation is at the heart of our projects and shapes our policy positions

STEM Strategy Consultation - Young People

As part of the wider consultation process for the Strategy, ‘A STEM Education and Training Strategy for Scotland’, the Scottish Government commissioned Children in Scotland to carry out research on children and young people’s experiences of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)-related learning and their awareness and understanding of STEM jobs.

The aim of Children in Scotland’s research was to ensure that children and young people’s voices are heard by policymakers, and the project involved a series of engagement activities with children and young people to gather their views and attitudes on learning, work and their lived experience of STEM.
Children In Scotland worked with over 70 children and young people; this included children and young people from P3 to S2 in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway. The work covered things that help learning or are barriers to learning in STEM and knowledge and attitudes towards STEM related jobs.
The research conclusions highlight the need for:
·      support for schools to do more Engineering activities and make Maths as interesting and enjoyable as possible
·      encouragement of more women to become Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths teachers and men into primary teaching
·      supporting boys and girls to think about the types of jobs involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
Our Participation And Engagement staff really enjoyed this work with the children and young people. They especially enjoyed getting their hands dirty with some of the experiments involved!

Jane Miller, Assistant Policy Officer said: "It was fantastic to find out from children and young people about their experiences of STEM, especially as there are so many possibilities for all young people within the STEM fields!"

Read our report

Read our children and young people-friendly version of the report


School Nurses Review

To inform the Scottish Government review of school nursing across Scotland, Children in Scotland was asked to speak to children and young people to find out how the school service works in their school and what they think could be better. 

The consultation explored the following areas: 

    •    What school nurses do 
    •    What types of issues they help with 
    •    What children might like to know about the school nurse role 
    •    What might stop young people seeking help from the school nurse 
    •    How should school nurse services be accessed.

We spoke to 34 children and young people in schools from P6 to S6, across Perth & Kinross and Dumfries & Galloway. Our sessions used participative and creative methods to allow children to share their thoughts and ideas.

Download the final report

Download the children and young people's report


Children in Scotland Consultation with Children and Young People on Wellbeing 
Last October, the Scottish Government asked Children in Scotland to consult with children and young people to help inform the development of their new 10-year mental health strategy from the perspective of younger aged children. 
We spoke to 49 children, from P3-P7 in two primary schools in Glasgow and Dunoon. We also considered the views of children and young people from other youth led organisations. 
The consultation explored what helps children to feel happy, healthy and safe. The issues they would like help with and the types of support that can help them. Based on what we heard we made a number of recommendations to the Scottish Government.
We also produced a report, Feeling Happy, Healthy and Safe, feeding back on the findings to children and young people.
Read the report
Children’s and Young People’s Voices and Experiences of Bullying and Harassment in Schools
Children in Scotland was asked to provide a report to the Scottish Parliament's Equalities and Human Rights Committee as part of its inquiry into bullying and harassment of children and young people.
The report brings together children’s and young people’s voices and experiences of bullying and harassment in school settings. It explores contexts, barriers to change and perspectives on what would help address concerns.
The study found that children experiencing bullying and harassment in Scottish schools are targeted on the basis of physical appearance, sexuality and identity, and the presence of an additional support.

It was discussed by the parliamentary committee on Thursday 22 June at a session attended by John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills.