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Our Consultation Work with Children and Young People

We work to ensure participation is at the heart of our projects and shapes our policy positions

School Nurses Review

To inform the Scottish Government review of school nursing across Scotland, Children in Scotland was asked to speak to children and young people to find out how the school service works in their school and what they think could be better. 

The consultation explored the following areas: 

    •    What school nurses do 
    •    What types of issues they help with 
    •    What children might like to know about the school nurse role 
    •    What might stop young people seeking help from the school nurse 
    •    How should school nurse services be accessed.

We spoke to 34 children and young people in schools from P6 to S6, across Perth & Kinross and Dumfries & Galloway. Our sessions used participative and creative methods to allow children to share their thoughts and ideas.

Download the final report

Download the children and young people's report