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UK Alliance for Investing in Children

The Alliance for Investing in Children (UK) is a coalition led by Children in Wales, Children in Scotland, Children England and Children in Northern Ireland to encourage investment in children’s support and services.

The aim of the joint action is to lobby and campaign together to ensure the effective implementation of the European Commission Recommendation 'Investing in Children - Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage' by research, dissemination and campaigning at an EU and national level. 

The Alliance for Investing in Children (UK) has undertaken a series of activities in support of the campaign which has included consultation with children and young people, high level conference in December 2014 and a report outlining the principal legislation, policies and programmes for tackling child poverty in the four nations. 

In December 2014 ​the UK Alliance held a national event in Cardiff, which included key speakers such as Baroness Gillian Shephard, the Deputy Chair of the UK Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission. 

For further information and to access the resources follow the links below:

For more information contact Marion Macleod: or on 0131 313 8838

The UK Alliance continues to work together under the UK Alliance banner to campaign and lobby both the UK government and the devolved governments to implement the 2013 European Commission recommendation.