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Full Day
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Child protection: digital safety

With technology advancing at such a fast pace, supporting professionals, parents, guardians and carers need to understand the risks that current technology presents. 

This practical workshop is in two parts. 

The first focuses on the opportunities and threats around children and young people’s use of the internet and examines conflicting evidence. 

The second explores practical ways to support and protect young people including parental controls, password usage, recording and reporting incidents and helping young people identify risk and protect themselves. 

Jon Trew will lead the session to examine some of the most pressing and sensitive issues around children and young people's use of technology and social media.

He will give attendees hands-on experience of current technology and will discuss how to support children and young people stay safe online. This includes technology such as the latest versions of the Wii, iPad, Playstation and Xbox.

Key learning: 

• What are children and young people up to on the internet? 

• Social networking: its benefits, risks and importance in our children’s lives 

• Do violent games make children violent? 

• Sex, abuse and the internet 

• Lifestyle blogs including pro-anorexia, self-harming and suicide sites 

• Internet addiction – does it exist and how should it be treated? 

• How adults can help tech-savvy children grow up safely in a digitally connected world.