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Health and Wellbeing

9.30-15.30 (full day)
Event type: 

Childhood bereavement and working with the traumatised child: a seminar with Betsy de Thierry

Trauma is "the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering" (Levine & Kline, 2007). 

Yet unprocessed trauma can lead to increased mental health difficulties during adulthood and other social problems such as drug use, school failure, anti-social behaviour. It can also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), conduct disorders, and dissociative disorders, as well as medical challenges, such as asthma and heart disease (Perry & Szalavitz, 2011). 

When trauma is processed in the context of a warm and genuine relationship, it can be minimised or transformed into greater resilience, thus changing the impact on the child and their future.

Key learning: 

  • The definition of, and assessment of, trauma
  • The short and long-term impact of trauma – especially bereavement 
  • How to identify trauma symptoms 
  • The triune brain and how trauma impacts behaviour
  • The role of resilience and attachment in the impact of trauma and bereavement
  • Complex trauma responses such as dissociation, flashbacks and hypervigilance.

Who should attend

If you are working with a bereaved child or young person, this seminar will support you to support them.

If you are working with children and young people in general, then this course will prepare you to support them should they be bereaved or suffer from trauma.

Facilitator bio

Betsy is a practicing psychotherapist and a qualified primary school teacher who has founded several charities that work directly with troubled families. 

She is a trauma specialist, training and consulting for teachers, therapists, psychologists, pediatricians, social workers, parenting support workers and the police. Betsy has authored several books including 'Teaching the Child on the Trauma Continuum' and 'The Simple Guide to Child Trauma' which has become a best seller on Amazon. 

Betsy de Thierry is the Founding Director of BdT Ltd, Therapeutic Mentoring Rooms and the Trauma Recovery Centre UK.