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Getting it right

9.30-15.30 (full day)
Event type: 

Making primary maths more creative: a seminar with Rob Eastaway

Make learning maths creative and achievable for children and young people inside and outside of the classroom. 

Key learning: 

  • Ways of making maths more engaging for all abilities, with activities that have a low threshold and high ceiling 
  • Problem-solving through games, puzzles, curiosities, and mathematical “magic” that can be transferred straight to the classroom 
  • How to engage parents in their children’s maths, including activities for parents to incorporate into their busy lives 
  • Enriching teachers’ own views of maths beyond some of the narrow constraints of the curriculum. 

* The content is ideal for the upper years of primary (P4 to P7) but there are many ideas that are relevant to younger and older children too. 

Facilitator bio

Rob is former president of the UK Mathematical Association and has run over 100 events for primary schools and their teachers. He has written and co-authored 11 books including the bestselling book "Maths for mums and dads" (over 100,000 copies sold) which is widely used by parents and teachers across the UK.