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Working with children and young people

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Physical learning and development through outdoor play

“Physical education is as important as the teaching of literacy and maths in the early years.”

Sally Goddard Blythe, TES 7.1.00

Young children have strong inner drives to move, constantly showing us their need for and pleasure in movement. Amid national concerns for children’s physical health, physical development has been placed as a key area of learning and development, recognising the crucial significance of movement and physicality for children from birth onwards. Jan will inspire and support practitioners to develop outdoor environments that strongly promote physical development and encourage active, movement-based learning.

Key learning

- Exploring why physical development is so important to children’s lives and why has it has become a key area;

- Exploring how control, coordination and confidence in movement actually come about

- Considering how to create a stimulating, active and movement-rich outdoor environment that provides children with the developmental opportunities they need

This course is mainly relevant to those working with early years up to p1(1 - 7) age.

Facilitator bio

Jan White is an author, expert and education consultant. She has written many books, including the award winning, "Playing and Learning Outdoors", winner of the Staff Resources category of this year's Nursery World awards.