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Early childhood education and care

Full day
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Securing Rapid Progress in Communication and Language Development in the early years (Introductory course)

Using Ipad/Android Tablet Technology

This full day session provides a clear outline of how the planned use of technology can transform the early years classroom. A range of practical and adaptable activities will be shared which will make an immediate impact in the classroom. The focus of the is primarily language and communication along with some activities which support the writing process.

Key Learning:

- Clear understanding of practical ways in which mobile technology can transform learning in the early years

- Outstanding and effective activities which make a sustained impact on learning and progress

- A consistent approach which can be used by all staff

- A wide range of ideas and activities which can be used immediately in the classroom

- An understanding of how technology can build on existing learning opportunities

- An understanding of how mobile technology can promote speaking, listening and communication along with personal, social and emotional development

This course features the use of iPad minis (provided on the day, no experience necessary!) although ideas, methods and activities can be carried out on other devices. All activities require a minimum of 1 mobile device and are not reliant on extensive whole-school investment in technology.

Listen to the reviews:

“A very engaging and well delivered course’

“Very interesting day. As a novice I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed about exploring apps. Many thanks”

“Excellent day. I really enjoyed all of the course contents today and feel there will be great value in developing literacy through the use of technology”

Who should attend

• Early years teachers and teaching assistants
• Heads/Deputies interested in using mobile technology
• Nursery managers/advisers
• Nursery Nurses
• Teaching Assistants

Facilitator bio

Chris Williams has been a primary school teacher for almost 20 years. He specialises in Special Education, Curriculum Development and "closing the gap" for all pupils in spoken communication and writing. Chris continues to develop innovative approaches to using digital games across the curriculum which have been used in classrooms across the world.