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9.30-15.30 (full day)
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SOLD OUT: Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Supporting children and young people

This workshop is fully booked. Please note that we're running this training again on Thursday, 15 June 2017. Please click here to book your space or get in touch via

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are lifelong conditions that have significant impact on the life of the individual and those around them.

Exposure to alcohol prenatally can interfere with children's development and cause growth deficiency, alterations to the internal organs, skeleton and central nervous system. Often the conditions may go undiagnosed, or be misdiagnosed, for example as Autism.

This workshop gives insight to the wide range of conditions encompassed by FASD and explores practical ways in which to support children and young people affected by them.

Key learning:

  • History and diagnoses of FASD
  • Conditions and symptoms by ages and stages
  • Secondary disorders
  • FASD impact on learning and development
  • Support tools and strategies
  • Building on strengths. 

Facilitator bio

Eileen Calder, Director and Founder of FASD Scotland

Eileen Calder BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), is a psychologist with 19 years of experience of parenting and working with children/youth/adults affected by FASD. 

Eileen has established a Scottish support group for families affected by FASD and advocates on issues affecting the individual child, adult and family. FASD Scotland is working to raise awareness of the FASD and train professional groups, families and the general public with an aim to reduce prevalence and develop services for those affected. 

Eileen's qualifications and experiences include Psychology, Complexity, Management and Change. Eileen has worked as a psychologist with the Scottish Prison Service on Risk and Needs Assessment, Violence Prevention and Drugs Relapse Prevention.