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Additional Support Needs

Full day

Supporting children and young people with autism spectrum disorders

As awareness of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is on the rise, more children are being diagnosed in their early and primary years. It is widely accepted that the earlier the intervention, the better support can be provided to children and their families.

This introductory workshop is designed for those who want to expand their knowledge of supporting children with ASD and their families. The course explores a range of approaches for understanding and addressing their needs practically, compassionately and age-appropriately.

Learning objectives:

- Definitions of Autism and related conditions

- How ASD presents in different ages

- What to expect from the diagnostic process

- Age appropriate explanations of ASD and its affects

- Practical ways to support learning and development

- Effective communication strategies

- Provision of emotional and practical support to families

- Useful support services and networks

Who should attend

The workshop is appropriate for all those working with children and young people in a wide variety of settings, including teachers and other school and out-of-school care services staff, youth and community workers, childcare professionals, social workers.