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Working with children and young people

1 day
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Supporting primary children who internalise their distress

There are many reasons why children internalise their distress rather than act out. They can become invisible to those working with them – they are often seen as quiet, shy, well behaved children – when actually, they are in pain.

The aim of this course is to explore why some young people are not able to show their feelings in a way that helps them access help and support. Learn how to recognise, support and communicate effectively with these young people when they need you most.

Who should attend

The workshop is appropriate for all those working with children and young people in a wide variety of settings, including teachers, youth and community workers, childcare
professionals, social workers.

Facilitator bio

Jan is an experienced youth worker, specialising in working with young people. She is a qualified psychotherapist, play therapist and life coach.